My wedding is better than your wedding

Went to a wedding yesterday at the same place we had ours; DH and I spent the whole time talking about how much better the room looked with OUR decorations, how many more people danced to OUR band, how much better OUR cake was, etc., etc. We are evil, but our wedding was still way better.


  1. Ha ha ha, this is so true!

  2. It’s true in a way. One of my bridemaids is getting married in May 2010 who has a budget half of what I did. My solution to her was to be crafty by doing a lot of the stuff herself such as floral arrangements, bouquets, programs, table cards, and such. With my help and NOT bragging about my wedding she will have a stunning wedding at the fration of the cost of mine. Not everyone has the same budget, so yes you are evil!

  3. babushka

    well at least you married someone as shallow as yourself and took to of your kind off the dating market.

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