My Fiance Can’t Dance

Do you think it would be weird if we didn’t do a “bride and groom” first dance? My fiance sucks at dancing, like literally horrible, I am so embarrassed by him when he even tries. I feel like if he gets out there it will ruin what will otherwise be a perfect wedding.

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  1. LOL there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. I say you let him dance and make sure to record it so that you can tease him and play it for your future children. So long as he knows he can’t dance but does it anyway, it’s okay to joke about it. If he truly thinks he’s an okay dancer then it might be a more sensitive topic.

  2. Considerate bride

    Another inconsiderate, self-centered bride! How sad. What is wrong with all of these young women? Do you love this man? Or are you in love with the idea of being a bride? I don’t care if he steps all over your feet, you deserve it!! You really should be embarassed that you would make such a silly, shallow, and UNLOVING comment about your future husband.

  3. FortheGreaterGood

    Considerate Bride…hear, hear. I think a lot of these attitudes are problematic of the entitlement generation. But specifically, she should be honored to be dancing with her husband, even if he sucks. And even if the dance is removed, it should be maybe because he’s too embarrassed to do it…but not because the bride thinks he’s an embarrassment.

    People seem to only be attracted to what they can see today, and not what they feel inside.

    To the bride, I say this. If you really see this one QUITE excusable flaw in your future husband with THAT much contempt, and you find yourself unable to get over it, then you’ll be divorced inside of 10 years. Because one flaw leads to another, to another, and to another. Maybe you should look inside yourself and figure out what about you is making you focus on what isn’t perfect about him, rather than focus on what is. Life is about balance, and the fact that you’re letting this one thing about your fiance get to you so much is very telling.

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