My Diamond is To Small

I don\’t care if it\’s flawless or you spent more on the setting, I asked for a 2 ct diamond and got a 1.5. Also, screw all of you for judging me and saying I\’m superficial. It\’s what i wanted, he knew it and should\’ve respected that. It\’s not about what he wanted. Now i\’m making him chip in $7k for the wedding. Whatever.

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  1. yah im the post after yrs…yr ring sounds great compared to mine 🙁

  2. Why bother getting married if your like this.

    NEWS FLASH its NOT all about the BRIDE!!!

    Its all about the BRIDE AND GROOM. For goodness sake your not marrying yourself so yeah you are abit selfish and alittle self centered , I think your Husband to be had better think long and hard before taking the vows.

    If your like this now you will always be like this, But if your husband to be is selfish to then yeah your both a good match

  3. Wow, how ungrateful! I do not envy your groom. What a married life you will have. I bet you are divorced in 2yrs or less.

  4. You’re really lame and with that attitude you’ll be divorced in no time. Waaaah I got 1.5 carats instead of 2! Grow up

  5. babushka

    You are never going to be truly happy with such a selfish attitude. Its amazing you get someone to marry you…..your post is gross.

  6. Unlike the other posts, I understand where you’re coming from. Not that I had a similar experience but that ring is going to be yours forever. You wanted a certain ring and he didn’t deliver. If there was pressure on him to propose by X date then maybe it’s unfair to expect that specific ring, perhaps he couldn’t afford it by the deadline. But if he had the choice to propose at whatever time he deemed appropriate he could have saved longer for the ring. I’m sure he’s saved for other things in his life and I can’t think of another item you purchase that truly lasts you a lifetime.

    Interesting though that you are paying for the wedding and he’s “chipping in” $7K. Wondering if you will be merging you finances after the wedding.

    If the ring is really bothering you ask him if it’s okay to use his $7K to purchase the ring you wanted (return the other one and use the 7K to pay the difference). You definitely don’t want to resent him and if he’s given you 7K then he may not mind what you put it to so long as it’s marriage related.

  7. ivanna chokyew

    You do realize that the “tradition” of diamonds as an engagement gift originated by the DeBeers company. Yes, it was an ad campaign designed to seperate fools from their money. An ad campaign by a company with a bloody past. Enjoy your carats sweetheart.

  8. Wow what an uptight bitch…..

  9. Totally agree with Will, what a bitch. My ring is only .5 carats and I couldn’t care less! It could be made of plastic for all I care. I feel so sorry for your groom.

    By the way, you justify your behavior by saying it is what you wanted. Does this mean that your “marriage” will be all what you want, too? Doesn’t the man you supposedly love get a say?

  10. FortheGreaterGood

    I genuinely feel sorry for this man. Then again, if he’s stupid enough to marry you… I’m just glad to know there are women out there that are not only completely materialistic and superficial and aesthetic — but that also have the bravery to foolishly admit to it, publicly.

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