Hate the ring

My engagement ring looks like a grandmother\’s cocktail ring; 20 tiny diamond chips. And it\’s from Zales. And he bought it 6 months ago so he can\’t return it. I know I\’m being materialistic and shallow, but we\’ve been dating 5 years…you\’d think he\’d have some idea of my style. Also, I didn\’t even want diamond/s and had told him this! BUMMED.

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  1. Well if he isn’t listening now after 5 years. what makes you think he will listen to you for the next 5 years

    If this is pissing you off then think about why you want to get married to this person.

    If your not happy then don’t get married Geeez people are never happy.

  2. See if it’s possible to sell it. If you didn’t want a diamond to begin with switching rings may actually get you money back. Good luck.

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