At this point!! Im so tired of him!
He´s like this “macho-guy” that is always telling me what to do.. But now with this “planning the wedding thing” he wants me to take care of all the thing! I finally asked him how many guest does he want to bring, and the dumbass told me that if it was it for him, he would only invite his parents and grandma and I have like 150 relatives and some friends to invite! This is not even!! I think he doesnt care about the party, only about the “fact”.. That´s horrible!! Im a princess and I want a beautiful reception!!

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  1. Hello?!? Most guys don’t get into the wedding planning thing, so he’s really not any different that way. That being said, if he’s “macho-guy” and bossing you around already, it doesn’t get any better after you get married. Marriage isn’t some panacea for a bad relationship. If he’s a jerk now, he’ll be a jerk that’s married after the wedding. And you want to marry this guy why? Sorry to say, but unless you are a Kennedy, Rockefeller or Carnegie, you are not a princess, so you need to get real. Thinking it’s time you have a heart to heart with yourself and figure out why you’re willing to believe that a “beautiful reception” is going to make a marriage work.

  2. U are a crazy person. Please don’t get married. You obviously only care about being a “princess” at your “beautiful” reception instead of realizing you and your fiance hate each other! You don’t care about a wedding, you just want a big party. So lame. Do not get married.

  3. babushka

    I agree with the first comment. You seem unfathomably self-centered and only care about being princess for a day, you will do anything. The marriage is more important then the wedding day.

  4. What is the “fact”?

  5. REPEAT Do Not get married , You are already on the path to an expensive DIVORCE so save all the money and aggrivation and hope to find someone else who thinks YOU are the PRINCESS you think you are! Take my word for this, you are not the Marrying kind anyway! You are a self centered person who cannot share!!

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