My Life is NOT your Wedding !!!!!!

I am the maid of honor at my friends wedding- She just doesn\’t get the fact have a life outside her wedding. I am a full time college student, work 25 hours a week and my son turned six months old this week, when do i have time to stay the night with her all the time cause her fiance is out playing video games at a friends house?

Her mom is planning so much of the wedding! i called her a week prior to find out when the rehearsal was she said she would get back to me two days later she said 3. then just days before the rehearsal she says its at 5 not 3 anymore. I can\’t take back what she told me or what i told my boss for times. Im probably the only moh to ever miss the brides rehearsal diner. on top of that its dress this tan that! im losing my mind! luckly its 3 days away. Im a bride this fall and i will never treat my bridesmaids like this EVER! its her wedding but its my life damnt!

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  1. Sometimes weddings make people crazy, huh? Seriously, some brides forget that they actually are not the center of the universe.

  2. Rechel Smith

    Totally, I mean just because you agreed to be her maid of honor she doesn’t have the control over your time, and everything doesn’t resolve around her getting married, you are a busy person and deserve to be respected.

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