Bridezilla no, just being a normal person who wont take crap from close people who let her down.

I chose a destination wedding because it was cheaper than having it at home at $100 a head. I have not been able to work waiting for my greencard, but have always made a tonne of cash on my own. I never thought I would be in a place where I\’d have to seriously question whether or not I can afford to have my hair done on the wedding day. My parents are not helping out at all, and its making me look like a redneck.. when they paid for my other two sisters weddings. They are older, and guess what, weddings dont cost $4000 anymore. Im so annoyed. I thought it would be as simple as sending an invitation and having people show up..but you just cant believe what people say to you when all you need is support. It\’s so wrong. And then this term Bridezilla gets invented, but all you are doing is saying, back off, just show up and shut up. Like a wedding in Paris on me, with fireworks on a boat is not good enough for you? I continue to be amazed by how ruthlessly stupid, thoughtless, bad mannered people are, who call themselves well adjusted members of society. Its such a wank. I have never been this way before, and I acutally do event planning for a living. But here\’s the thing. If you are not contributing to my wedding finanicially. Shut the fuck up, and show up. And if I hear one more time “its your day, after I\’ve just planned a bunch of invites for my groom who could not get it right the first time, or had to write my own multiple choice questions for one of three bridal showers that are supposed to make me feel loved, I\’m going to scream. .HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO people. What a stupid stupid stupid act this is. Where is the mother of the bride when you need her? And thanks that my new in laws think I come from trailer park trash because you thought having a daughter later in life would exempt you from actually paying for wow..lets go for 5%?? how bout zero! It\’s not like I\’ve been a bad daughter, I always cleaned my room, payed for my own college, worked three jobs to do it. Parents. Get it the fuck together. If you have kids this is apart of the deal and its not enough to just show up and wear the pretty dress. THAT is wrong. Bad manners and unfair. I just want to get back to work and never be in the process of getting married again. It\’s easy if you have money. But in this economy. I would have rathered just had people show up to our place then quietly invited our good friends for a dinner on a boat.

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  1. babushka

    Wow being so bitter is a waste of time and your life. You feel too entitled. be a more grateful person and you will start to be happier. You have to be a giver if you want others to give to you.

  2. How are you saving money by having a destination wedding in Paris? The Euro is stronger than the dollar.

    Plus destination weddings really foot the bill to the guests. You may save $30 per person but each of those people pay hundreds in airfare.

    I do understand your frustration about parents giving your siblings money but not you. However, they may not be in a good financial position and perhaps that’s why they’re not contributing. Remember, you’d rather have your parents fed and clothed than use their money to invite a couple of extra friends or pay huge fees for silly things.

  3. Considerate bride

    You have a serious case of “entitlement”. Look it up. Your parents are not obligated to pay for your wedding period. If the CHOOSE to do so, that is from a spirit of “generosity”. Maybe they don’t want to reinforce your awful attitude by giving up their hard earned money. I guess I always feel sorry for the groom who is marrying a “bridezilla”, the quality of the marriage will be poor because a marriage involves a lot of give and take, compromise, negotiating, and NEWS FLASH . . . putting others needs before your own! Just such a sad attitude for you wedding, get over yourself and consider that maybe this day is about marrying the man of your dreams, the man who loves you more than anything, and that you want to share this joy with your friends and family. It is not about a “perfect wedding” it is about “love and joy”. Maybe go see a counselor about your narcissitic personality traits.

  4. Economy Bride

    My fiance and myself paid 100% of our wedding costs. My fiance lost both his parents and mine are in no financial state to be paying anything towards our day.

    All in all, it came to around £1800. I don’t know exactly how much that is in US$ but I’m pretty sure it’s around the 4000 mark.
    Weddings can be cheap.
    Just depends how many fancy frills you want.

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