Used to be best friends

So my friend, who was my best friend is getting married this weekend. My boyfriend happens to be the best man. They got engaged Feb. of last year and for awhile were thinking and figuring out stuff then it stopped. She got fired and didn\’t get a new job, they are paying for the wedding themselves basically. One bridesmaid quit then wanted back in. He the groom didn\’t ask his men until January. The dresses were not picked out until Feb and we all had to pay extra money to have them rushed. Fast forward to the week before the wedding. Monday the following happened: she announced she didn\’t want to get married but was anyway, the reception site double booked and the location changed. Tuesday we finally get details about rehearsal dinner and are told we are not all going in the limo even though that was the original plan so now we all need to find our own ride to take pictures and then to the reception. Thursday we are told we need silver, dangle earrings to wear to the wedding even though in the beginning we were told we were getting our jewelry….needless to say after Saturday I doubt I will be friends with her

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  1. Yikes, sounds like a nightmare. I wish all brides knew how to relax and make the day enjoyable for everyone involved!

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