My maid of honor (sister) wants to get pregant??

My sister WAS my maid of honor. The other day she told me that her and her husband are going to start trying for kids (she just tells me, doesn’t bother ASKING me). Our wedding is in 14 months. So she’ll either have a brand new baby at the wedding, or will be pregnant. I’m trying to deal with this delicately, but I’m the youngest and she has always been the center of attention.  If she brings an infant to the wedding, I’ll feel annoyed all night that the new baby will get all the family attention (stealing my thunder?) and if she’s pregnant, I’m sure she’ll be tired and I honestly don’t want to even consider maternity bridesmaid dresses.   So I’m telling her she’s out and my best friend is in.

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  1. Honestly, I would never make huge decisions like having a baby around someone’s wedding. I wouldn’t care if my MOH was pregnant or had a new baby…somethings are more important in life than being a bridesmaid.

  2. Wow… I get feeling like your sister is getting all the attention, but do you really think she should have to wait 14 months to start her family just because it’s “YOUR” day? That’s just silly. You get the single day, and don’t have any right tell people to put their lives on hold for you.

  3. wow im sorry but thats so selfish, you should be happy for youre sister,babies are a blessing,we are brides for one day, but you need to respect and cherish the people who are coming to celebrate with you

  4. ivanna chokyew

    Your sister has to ASK you if it’s ok that she gets pregnant? um. . .NO! I’m with ‘dee’ on this one.

  5. I never respond to these things, but I just couldn’t help myself. You are a disgusting excuse for a human. Your wedding is one day, you will have a niece/nephew the rest of your life. Get over yourself and grow up. You make me want to vomit.

  6. I’m in the same boat and am shocked you would be so cruel to your sister. My sister was my MOH 2 1/2 years ago and now I’ll be hers next Oct. My husband and I are going to try starting our family and my sister couldn’t be more happy for us! If anything I’m worried about being the pregnant or nursing bridesmaid in her wedding. I don’t want to look fat or swollen but I’m 30 and don’t want to put off a family much longer. My sister and I are best friend’s and I’m not going to ruin her wedding celebrations in any way and she’ll get to be an Aunt for the first time! It’s a win win!

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