My son is getting married. His bride has been wonderful. BUT let me tell you about GuestZilla. What part of nobody under the age of 18 years old does this guestzilla (my younger sister) NOT understand? She has had heated debates with the Brides mother, shouting matches with the Bride, been spoken to by my son the groom, written me ugly and threatening emails, enlisted our mother’s help (she has dementia) making her cry constantly. Mom calls me crying constantly “why do you hate Mary and Jane?” Why would you do this to Mary and Jane? What did Mary and Jane ever do to you? Mind you this was the decision of the bride and groom not to have young children, NOT MINE. Then she has gone to everyone and anyone who will listen and whinned to them I’m doing this out of spite. Now very few from my side of the family is going to my son’s wedding. Both John and Sue are the nicest, most laidback sweethearts you could ever meet. My sister on the other hand is spitefull, vendictive, down right evil who was diagnosed as delusional with anger management issues. She is also a teacher (that in itself is a joke)

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  1. Well that is completely ridiculous. And a wedding with no one under 18 doesn’t sound too unreasonable. Actually, one with no one under 7 would be fine with me, I’ll allow the pre-teens and teens hahaha. Basically, just rule out the ones who can’t communicate yet and use tears to get attention…come to think of it, that description matches your sister, guess she shouldn’t be invited lol

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