I am so mad I can’t even see straight!!!

Without telling me or saying anything about it, my future mother in law went out and bought this dress to wear to my wedding… it is, get this WHITE, strapless, long, has a corset tie up the back, and shows a disgusting amount of cleavage. Its basically a FRICKING wedding dress!! Who does she think she is? She is a totally wannabe MILF trying to relive her glory days because she’s now a divorcee. But that does not give her the right to try to be ME on my wedding day. I am fuming. I just called fiance and told him he had better get her to take that thing back, otherwise she will not be welcome at the wedding. What NERVE!!!!

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  1. we have to listen to our mother in law that is a tragedy for us.

  2. She is wrong but calm down. Telling your fiancĂ© that you are going to ban the person that gave him, life is not the answer. Compromise if she won’t take the dress back and have her to wear a bolero jacket in another color. Trust me, it will change the whole look of the dress.

  3. That is absolutely awful.
    The people around us don’t think and then wonder why WE are the bridezillas.

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