My bridesmaid needs to loose about 40 lbs

So I’m normally a very tolerant person, and I love my friend Melissa who is my maid of honor. But seriously, pul-ease, could you even try to take care of yourself? Back in college she was so cute but since having 3 kids has totally let herself go and is now probably 75 lbs overweight. I feel so bad saying this, but are kidding me, a size 28 bridesmaid dress? I’m one of her closest friends and if she doesn’t think it’s worth losing a little weight (for her own health), could you at least do it for me, for my wedding? I know you’re all going to hate on me for this, but honestly, she used to take care of herself. I of course want her in the wedding, but sheesh.

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  1. Wow, nice. She sure is lucky to have such a kind friend. Maybe you should spend more time working on making yourself a better person.

  2. Truth Teller

    I agree, she could totally stand to lose some weight – some dead weight like a childish loser ‘friend’ like you.

  3. Who cares what she looks like they’re all gonna be looking at you.

  4. ivanna chokyew

    It’s not about ‘her own health’ you selfish twit, it’s about YOU and how having an overweight friend will reflect negatievely on YOUR IMAGE. Grow up, for cryin’ out loud, you’re not in high school anymore!

    Besides, let’s see how YOU look after having 3 kids!

  5. What does it matter what she looks like? You obviously don’t care anything about her health and by stating that “if she doesn’t think it’s worth losing a little weight (for her own health), could you at least do it for me, for my wedding?” you are stating that your wedding is more important than her health. I couldn’t care less that my bridesmaids don’t look like models, I love them and that is what is important.

  6. Politicalamity

    Wow. Obviously this person doesn’t know how you really feel, or she wouldn’t still be your friend. In fact, I’m willing to bet a LOT of your friends wouldn’t be friends if they knew what a completely worthless person you are.

    I wonder, if when she’s standing up there, and you walk down the aisle, you’ll roll your eyes at her…or wonder as you look at her with your petty disgust if she realizes what a mean bi**h her supposed friend is, even though she’s honoring you and your day by standing in your wedding, even though she’s such an inconvenience and embarrassment to you.

    If you seriously think this way about people who genuinely like you and want to be there for you, you deserve NO one to stand with you in your wedding. Thank you for being stupid enough to tell the world how atrocious your behaviour is.

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