Bridezilla – Watch Out!

A friend of mine turned into a total bridezilla while she was planning her wedding. Obsessive, rude, and uncaring about anything about her wedding, and she needed so badly to be the center of attention at all times! I understand it’s your big day, but it’s not your day for the year plus leading up to the wedding – the rest of us have lives, too! My sister got engaged while this bridezilla friend was planning her wedding, and she wouldn’t even let me talk about it – it was all about her and her wedding until the wedding day – UGH!

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  1. Rechel Smith

    Wow that’s really self-centered of her, I can’t believe she would be so mean, and I agree, I hate people like that, they really don’t understand anything for anything. And think they are the center of the world, how could you stand that?

  2. Wow, that’s crazy that you couldn’t even talk about your sisters wedding without her getting upset, that is rude! I totally agree that even though our wedding day is special, we still have the rest of our lives to plan, and that one day shouldn’t need to be so perfect, or planned. gah!

  3. jade martin

    Now that is funny! WHy is the chick fighting over something she has nothing to do! WOW And shortie would not be telling me to shut up over and over again.

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