My friend recently got married and was seriously a HUGE bridezilla. She changed the date at the last minute and freaked out when people couldn’t make it with one month notice. She told everyone no kids allowed, but then made exceptions for some people….so there were actually lots of kids there, and of course the people who were paying babysitters were not happy. She had the nerve to tell everyone to give her cash instead of gifts, which of course did not go over well. Overall, she was completely rude and horrible throughout the whole process, and didn’t thank any of the people who did all of the work for her.


  1. Rechel Smith

    Wow, she had the guts to ask for money?

    That is a real bad move on her part, honestly, I can’t believe people like that, isn’t that supossed to be a happy day? And then being ungrateful, wow just. Wow.

  2. Oh gosh, I can relate! When my husband and I decided to get married in Hawaii, we wanted to do that so we could keep our wedding small, and just have our immediate family there… but when we sent out invitations to our ‘reception’ after we would return from our wedding/honeymoon in Hawaii, everyone started to make their own plans to come to our wedding! It drove me crazy because I really didn’t want a big wedding, and I didn’t want to put on a big show either. I was totally stressed on our wedding day too, because we were supposed to have a photo shoot before the wedding, and it was supposed to be like an hour of ‘alone’ time with the photographer. Needless to say, people started showing up way early because they didn’t want to be late… In the end though, everything worked out fine, and there wasn’t any reason for me to be all upset… aside from the fact that our family was wandering around behind the photographer clicking pictures, when we were supposed to be left alone. Oy!

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