Wow. You are getting married to THAT?

Well my best friend name Is Ulises Torner, and wow, he got married to this enormous evil chick. Their wedding was just amazing, but god as a being there for Ulises made me realize how crazy she was, she shouted at him whenever something wasn’t perfect, and she sweared like a pig, and god, when the ring went missing for 5 freaking minutes, she almost killed my poor friend and starting shouting at me, when I had nothing at all to do with it, everything was like that, then when it came to picking a cake, she tasted and was happy I was there aswell, and it tasted rather good, the day of the wedding she was histerical because the cake tasted “different”, and it didn’t, It was exactly the same, and she made such a mess over it.

I honestly can’t believe he got married to THAT.


  1. thats real awful..i must say. Such situations are total maddening and no one can stand it. How did you survive that kind of thing??

  2. Dipjyoti Borah

    I guess your poor friend will be pecked by that evil hen all his life. Sorry.

  3. Margaret

    Poor dude 🙁

    Hopefully you’ll be there supporting him all the way, no matter what that evil woman does to him

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