I’m not changing my name to THAT

I made my husband change his last name before id marry him because i didnt like it

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  1. Last year we went to the wedding of my was a snippy little 17 year old cousin (yes, I said 17). She was so enamored with the whole “look at me! I’m Princess for a day!” feeling, that nothing else mattered.

    When her doofus of a husband, also a 17 year old, accidentally stepped on her gown at the reception, she started literally screaming at him. The gasps from the crowd were audible at her rudeness toward her new husband.

    That was August of last year. Yesterday, I found out they just finalized their divorce. I am SO surprised……

  2. Same is the case with my friend whose last name was Godse. He met a girl in the college and both came closer. Finally the got engaged but before wedding the girl insisted on him to change his last name because she did not like it. My friend had no issue on it and he changed his last name.

  3. You go girl!

  4. Judoqueen

    wasn’t your partner offended that you didn’t like his last name?

  5. couldn’t you just leave him alone, and keep your own name?

    what did his family think?

  6. I someone told me to change my last name I would be like….change your name to carmen electra and we’ll talk….

  7. FortheGreaterGood

    This is why better than half of marriages end in divorce.

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