It Had To Rain???

Well, I was this bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding long back in 2007, when we had this thing happening which I can say a NIGHTMARE.. for the entire guests and family. There were like seven bridesmaid in all. It was raining cats and dogs and the wedding that followed by lunch was on a lawn, so they had to put some covers to prevent the rain from destroying the wedding. The bride, my dear friend slipped right in the entrance which left her embarrased and above all she could hear few whispers and giggles.Hence she was all amused. Throughout the wedding she kept fussing on small small things and everybody had to bear it. Finally when she had to say ‘I do’ she took exactly 15 minutes to say it and that left her groom totally mad. They didn’t speak for quite sometime and it was totally obvious for us that situation was out of control.The wedding went on pretty quietly and to tell you the truth everyone wanted to run away from it. I hoped it finished soon.

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  1. Dipjyoti Borah

    The whole scene reminds me the song November rain by Guns and Roses. Very sad it rained. It really splashed water on all the revelry. Sorry!

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