My older sister’s wedding

Always heard Hindu weddings are very pompous and full of guests, but experienced it for the first time for real in my elder sister’s marriage. I was still in my college at that time and honestly I was too young to handle the guests. Scores of guests were thronging the reception ceremony and I was midst mixed emotions. Well, I was happy that my sister was getting married but at the same time I was feeling very shy to face so many visitors who also took a keen interest on me and on what I was doing. I tried my best to stay away from the crowd and hang out with my friends. It was a very difficult day for me due to my extrovert nature. I wonder what will happen in my own wedding. Keeping my fingers crossed folks!

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  1. its really very hard to handle guests but nothing will happen to you in your own marriage because at that time you will not be having any responsibility to handle them.

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