Birdezilla returns.

My best friend got married a second time this spring. I don’t really like the guy she married and I told her so when they first met. On her wedding day she comes over to me and scolds me for ever saying something bad about him. She gave me angry glances during the entire wedding… talk about holding grudges.

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  1. Rasheed

    I watched the Melody episode last night and was just appalled by her behavior. She was in so much denial about gaining weight when her fitting went horribly. The halter style didn’t do her any favors. Her boobs were seriously shelved on that dress. I hated how she kept on saying that the day was okay by her standards because she didn’t get trumpet players there in time. She seriously sweated the small stuff.

  2. A tough customer indeed!How else would you explain out such tantrums.

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