Schizo Bride

My friend got married 4 years ago in a beautiful wedding, but was miserable the whole time. She felt obligated to have her fiance’s cousin as her Maid of Honor, and she hated the girl. She was constantly trying to accuse her of sabotaging the wedding…dropping gum on the runner while walking down the aisle, purposely ruining her flowers and finally, during the reception, she trashed the newlywed suite and blamed it on her cousin in law. Unfortunately for her, the suite had a camera and caught her trashing her own wedding. 🙂

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  1. Josefina B. Policarpio II

    That was very awful. But thanks to that I bet the bride had a very thrilling and surprising wedding. Though on the otherhand, It wasn’t nice having a your fiance’s cousin to be the Maid of Honor when you totally hate her/him. But I am glad that the wedding came to success.

  2. Judoqueen

    she actually sabotaged herself, crazy bride.

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