Smurf Bridezilla

A friend of mine was getting married and she turned real bridezilla. She was aweful, and no one could stand being around her in the weeks leading up to her wedding. She had a creamy color dress to wear on her wedding day (cause lord KNOWS she couldn’t wear white). She decided to take a bath with some kind of colored salt she bought in India somewhere, they said it was great for relaxation and had crystals that would bring “good luck”. I said to her not a good idea but she didn’t listen. That salt died her skin in blue!!! She looked like a total smurf. 10 people were scrubbing her but nothing helped. She was a blue smurf bridezilla on he wedding day. I actually think they got the story line from Bride Wars (the movie) from my friends story! It was the best bridezilla revenge ever.

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  1. Ok… that’s really funny.. Talk about getting your something blue ;p

  2. Rasheed

    Yes it really happens as i can tell you about the most famous actress which she died of Bridezilla Hoax. She and her pals sure raised a ruckus, especially after Toronto Star story on the mystery video of a Canuck bridal meltdown playing on worldwide videos. The story helped drive up already sky-high views much more.

  3. Judoqueen

    too funny! :)) she had it coming!!

  4. That would totally stress me out if it happened to me. Hopefully she was able to get her head together and play it off as something she planned “I wanted something blue, but *everyone* does the garter, jewelry, or flowers. I wanted something different.” Was the photographer able to photoshop the color?

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