Bridezilla A woman

Bridezilla n.: a woman who, in the run-up to her wedding day, has taken on some of the frightening characteristics of Godzilla, creature of the deep, in her quest for the perfect big day. Known by the mad-eyed, unblinking stare caused by spending too many hours sticking together diamanté-encrusted wedding invitations, and her crazed roaring when confronted with a delivery of the wrong colour napkin rings, her defining characteristic is a total lack of control or reason where her wedding day is concerned.

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  1. Josefina B. Policarpio II

    That bride is a total trainwreck. Bridezillas should at least understand when they are being a total Godzilla :P. My aunt was a total bridezilla at her wedding (I was yound at the time and didn’t know what the term “Bridezilla” meant yet. hehe now this site had made me realize my Aunt was one of them (two thumbs up).

  2. A close friend of mine has had a true bridezilla experience; God save him. After four odd years of being his steady partner, she always created fuss if he even touched the point of a wedding date. He was happy as she finally did agree to a date.

    Before my poor friend could even start preparing mentally for the occasion, she handed him with a list of some 50+ invitees she said were a must as all were her “nearest and dearest” relatives and friends; no amount of discussion about cutting the number down to keep expenses low convinced her. So my friend cut down the number of guests from his side drastically.

    Just imagine his frustration when hardly 6-8 of the bride’s, so called ‘nearest and dearest,’ actually turned up. The entire function flopped miserably. She continues to make and adhere to insane plans; my friend has learned to take most in his marital stride. He has to; if he wants their marital union going.

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