I HATE my fiancee’s family!

I know it sounds bad BUT I have my Reason’s:
His mother is trying to make me wear the same underwear she wore on her wedding night!
His sister told me I have to have her in my bridal party or she won’t come but she is ugly and fat.
His OTHER sister is bringing her baby that gets breast fed every hour or so
his fat sister wants to move in with us
His dad tried to grab my ass
His sister’s called my sister and I ‘trustafarian skinny bitches’ when they are white trash hoes.
His mother said that she and her daughter’s should be in all my pictures.She also told me that I am not a true “Picton”

I am NOT crazy but I will NOT wear her underwear OR invite his FAT UGLY sister’s to be in my bridal party. I already have two bridesmaids AND a MOH. one is my sister and the other two are my best friends. His family are insane!

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  1. Don’t complain…
    But I agree they sound a tad wierd…

  2. Judoqueen

    yep, you DO have valid reasons. i would hate ’em too if that happened to me!

  3. Wow, the underwear thing is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Who still even HAS their underwear from that long ago, thats gross!!!

  4. wiiGenocide

    Wow! The same underwear? That is so freaky! Your mother-in-law is retarded!

  5. Wow,the underwear thing is unbelievable. i would hate ‘em too if that happened to me!

  6. So, don’t get married! Things will only get worse. Trust me, I know.

  7. Aliceinwonderland

    Did you talk to your fiance? they sound like a family from Hell! the Dad sounds like Satan himself, The mother is obviously Satan’s crazy wife, the fat and ugly sisters sound like Satan’s psycho-chav demon followers! poor you!

  8. That is funny! do hold back lol, I had my fiancee read this as well and all we could say was thank goodness we both like each others family.

    so if u have gotten married, how did it turn out if u don’t mund me asking?

  9. All of these are ridiculous and you have every right to complain. Except for one: your SIL demanding to be in your wedding party. It’s ok to complain about her demanding to be in it, but your reasoning should be a little less shallow than “she is ugly and fat.” Why does it matter what she looks like? It should be about her demanding she be a part of your party.

  10. What you see in them, you will see in him. the apple never falls far from the tree.

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