My wife is Bridezilla! :D

My wife is such a perfectionist! She wants everything to be perfect! She’s been like that ever since I met her but I was not bothered. She gets really anxious when things do not go her way! I can remember back on our wedding day, when the priest announced:

“You may now kiss the bride…”

I was not wearing my glasses at that time and my vision was really blurry, I could hardly make out which person wass which. It turns out that the old priest was slouching too much when I had to give her my kiss. So now you know, I kissed the wrong person! lol. She was outraged and totally humiliated that she ripped the flowers and violently battered my face with it, and she kept saying “OMG! You’re so gay! You’re so gay! I hate you! I hate you!” Something like that. Woah! Everyone had to calm her down. Believe me! It looked like she started world war 3!

I had to remind her, “baby I’m not wearing any glasses!”

She was literally stunned. I think she completely forgot about her fiancee’s blurry vision. Even so, she got over it, and gave me a passionate kiss! I think she was really cute when she went into a rampage though. I’ve never seen her like that. 😀

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  1. Why would you not at least be wearing contacts on your wedding day???

  2. vysakh nede

    now thats really funny!! .. but obviously cute reply from her…
    and happy to know that she got over it that day itself…. else you get to wait long for a kiss from your wife!! 🙂

  3. vysakh nede

    am going for the contact lenses soon!!

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