Your a vegetarian? There’s a bowl of carrots for you

I was a bridesmaid for a total bridezilla about 5 years ago. She wanted me and all the other bridesmaids to get up at 6:00 in the morning the day of the wedding and decorate the hall where she was having her reception. We all had gone out the night before, so we refused to get up that early…we told her we’d be there at 8:00 at the earliest. She freaked out and told us that if we didn’t start doing what she asked, we could all “just go home.” She also made all of the bridesmaids wear 3 inch stiletto heals in FEBRUARY because they “matched the dresses” (which, by the way, were floor length, strapless sequin gowns where the shoes could not even be seen.) The wedding was a nightmare, and so was the reception. Two of the bridesmaids (including myself), are vegetarians and she had nothing for us to eat. When we brought it up, she said “I have carrots, didn’t you see?” She expected us to eat carrots while everyone else ate hot sandwiches, beans, and other wedding fare. Me and the maid of honor ended up leaving the wedding reception 1/2 way through and going to Perkins for dinner. It was a horrible evening. Even the bride was unhappy. When I got married a few months later, I had a simple wedding with only a few guests and no dress requirements for my one bridesmaid. It was the best day of my life! At least I learned a lesson from this awful wedding–keep it simple, and you’ll be much happier.

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  1. That is funny!!! Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, the fact that she was unhappy with her own wedding is going to set the grounds for her marriage!
    I am getting married in October and told my girls here is the color scheme we picked, pick a dress that you like and are comfortable in. As far as shoes, why such a high heel! is that really necessary, and why so early at the reception hall. if u guys went out the night before then at least 9am would of been a better time!

    I watch Bridzilla’s every sunday and frankly I am just shocked. Just because u are getting married does not mean u need to burn all of your bridges, everyone is there to help make your day better not worse.

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