Everyone is stealing my thunder

I was supposed to be getting married this coming March but we cannot afford it and have to wait. We have been engaged since September! Then my best friend got engaged in May and is getting married before me! Plus, another friend has been dating a guy for like three months and THEY just got engaged and will probably get married before me. A girl I can’t stand who was in my sorority is getting married this weekend. Why does everyone get to get married before me??? Oh yeah, it’s because their daddies pay for it for them. It isn’t fair.

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  1. ivanna chokyew

    First, marriage shouldn’t be about ‘me first!!!’ Belive me, having the wedding the way you want it, and by paying for it with your own money will mean so much more than those princesses whose daddy’s pay. Chances are, you marriage will outlast all of theirs, too!

  2. Do you want more of a big wedding, because if you love your guy and want to marry him, none of the other stuff matters. Just elope, find a nice winery for a private ceremony. Then, you can do a vow renewal in 2 years, if you still want a big affair. Just an idea!!!!

  3. I agree marriage is not about me first. You should be happy that all of your friends are getting married. Instead of resenting them get together and exchange plans. Maybe you will see something that they are doing that you really like/want to do for your wedding.
    Also I would like to say that it is very rude for you to day that everyone has “there daddies” paying for there weddings. It comes down to what plans are you making. Is the wedding big/small what? parents help pay for the wedding, at least mine did, but everything is all up to you and your fiancee. Start saving money and u can afford it soon enough.

  4. Get over yourself. Just because you’re engaged, no one within a 50 mi social radius can?? Also, I bet you have NO idea about who or how the finances are being covered, so don’t throw ‘Daddy’s girl’ into the mix and all of a sudden denounce their weddings. Life isn’t fair, get over it. Keep up this selfish act and your marriage won’t last long either. You apparently only care about yourself.

  5. Honey, if getting married sooner is the most important thing to you, a ceremony at city hall costs under $50.

  6. You’re a selfish brat. Get some self esteem and deal with it.

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