Runaway Bridesmaids

I was one of 5 bridesmaids in the summer of 2010 at a destination wedding. A huge bridezilla red flag should have been when the bride (whom I thought was a wonderful friend) turned to me after her unsatisfactory bachelorette and said ‘Please make sure you and the other girls know my wedding will be all about me.’ Ringing any warning bells for anyone?
Come the destination wedding, the bridesmaids were expected to pay for EVERYTHING of theirs from several outfits, to accommodation, to transportation, to hair and make up and nails, and plane tickets, and food, and you name it. (all demanded by the bride, oh and we paid for all of hers too). While I understand accepting to be a bridesmaid is to expect cost, however the bride lied about what was necessary to cover and sprung it on us while we were on the island..trapped. Isn’t it customary to help out your wedding party a tiny bit if you can, and if its a destination wedding?

I digress… after 4 days of ceremonies in 3 different locations around the island, 4 days of being told what to do, where to stand, when to get up, when to sleep, and even what make up you’re allowed to put on and what you’re allowed to take a photo of (only the bride, duh!) , we were all emotionally, financially, and physically exhausted. At the last ceremony, the bride and groom stand to give their thanks. Everyone was thanked except of course..the bridal party (whom she spoke about how we never made her wedding a priority). As she walks away from the podium, she exclaims ‘Oh yea, my bridesmaids’ and instead of thanking us for hard work and sacrifices, proceeds to roast her bridal party in front of 200 people we don’t know with horribly embarrassing stories. Not a thank you, or I love you was uttered. As 3 of the bridesmaids begin to cry, I comfort them and ask them to hang in there till the end of the ceremony (mostly out of respect for the mother in law, who paid for everything). At the end, when most guests have left, a bridesmaid confronted the bride about her hurt in being humiliated in front of so many people after all our hard work. The bride flipped out, yelled and screamed at her bridesmaid, and then ran off to complain her groom. At this point, the bridesmaids begin to pack up the car and refuse to attend the after party at the beach house where the bride and groom were staying (that the bridesmaids and groomsmen paid for- also unexpected cost and were covering the bride and groom). The groom ends up irate and chases that bridesmaid off into the forest and yells profanities at the rest of the bridal party. For fear of our physical safety, I gather all bridesmaids and run back to the main city to hide until we could catch our flights and head home. What a great wedding. Did I mention this was also my birthday (but wasn’t ALLOWED to mention it, it was HER day… I mean her 4TH day)

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