I did it and I’d do it again

I cursed my wedding planner up one side and down the other after my ceremony. I’m sure I am in the annals of her horror stories–of which I’m sure there are several because she sucked. I’ve replayed the scenario over and over in my mind, and I just don’t see me not going off on her. The decor–wrong. The altar set-up–wrong. The order of events–wrong. Distribution of florals–wrong. The cuing of the wedding music–wrong. And somehow NONE of this was her fault? Well, it was all her fault, and afterwards she tried to act like she had no accountability to me because I had paid her already. (Lesson learned: never pay for services in advance). I had something for her: took her to small claims court–and won. Didn’t get her entire fee back, but enough for me and my hubby to enjoy a nice expensive dinner out–on her!

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